Your Only True Mother

My dear children, you pray, “Blessed are you among women”; do you ask yourselves why? I have been chosen to be, yes, the Mother of Jesus, but also the Mother of you all.

My dear children, there remain few of you to pray to your “Mother” and, for this reason, you have almost nothing good on your earth anymore. You do not understand and no longer remember that, close to God, I can do all things for each of you.

If you need to, call upon me. I, the Mother of the Son, Jesus, can have for you all that you need. I repeat, call upon my Name and Jesus, with the Father who is in heaven, will hear you and come to your aid.

I repeat all this to you because many of you no longer address us but, in a sinful way, turn to sorcerers and magicians. What do you hope for from demons? Only God and Jesus, your Redeemer, can rectify your sins.

Wake up, my children. The times are drawing short. Ask, now, and you will obtain goodness and infinite joy. I am always with you and will call upon graces from God. I love you and want none of you to rush toward an eternity where there is suffering and curses.

I love you so much, my children. Listen to my most recent words and make of them a treasure in these last and most difficult times. I embrace you, carrying to God all your requests.

Your Only True Mother

Your Most Holy Heavenly Mother

I am your Most Holy Mother. Do not be afraid of these dark times in which you are living, because soon my Son will place within you the peace and desire for Paradise. Your earth is consumed in all its fullness and, unfortunately, will no longer give you what you desire.

I always pray to your Father, so that He give you yet a bit of peace, but unfortunately, most you have left aside Holy Mass and all that is divine and which would help you gain eternal life.

Dear children, you know well how much your times on earth are drawing short. Pray for your brethren, so that your Father, who must judge you from heaven, might be generous, above all with his children who have not respected his Commandments.

Thank you who have followed my teachings. Continue to catechize your brethren outside the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church. Your brethren who are far from God will have much to suffer in the times to come.

Their ignorance regarding Paradise will bring them to eternal suffering. Pray and have others pray, so that your Eternal Father have compassion on all his children who are far from his laws.

I entrust to you all of my children who are far from the Truth, so that they be able to ask forgiveness before their earthly end.

Your Most Holy Heavenly Mother

Your Tender Mother

My dearest children, you call upon me—pray for us sinners—but soon after, you forget your request. I, however, continue to pray for you. Otherwise, the devil would plunder my children.

Remember, my children, that without calling upon our Names, you would always be in satanic clutches.

You know, now with certitude, that the times in which you are living are the last and that if you do not entrust yourselves to Jesus and to his Most Holy Father, you will be subject to the power of Satan, and hell will be your dwelling forever.

I pray for you, but as for you, seek not to draw far from Jesus with your sins. Pray and repent for all the times you have forgotten the Love of God.

The days to come will be all the more difficult and only by entrusting yourselves to Us will you be able to repent of evils done and to ask forgiveness. I seek to guide you toward the good but many, too many of you, shrug your shoulders to accomplish destructive works.

Peace among you will vanish and thus the devil will find your wicked hearts open to him. My dear children, you know very well that these are the last times. Seek, therefore, to live them in the grace of God in order to merit eternal life.

I love you and will help you, so that you may live on earth. But you, offer me your hearts. I bless you.

Your Tender Mother

Mary, Humble of Heart

I am your Most Holy Mother. Today and always I will take you on the way that leads to my Son, your Lord Jesus Christ. My children, pray—pray—and have others pray—so that the times you must face might not be too difficult.

You know very well that I am always near you, but if you do not hear my calls, I will not be able to help you. My dear children, you know well that the times to come will be most difficult, but if you entrust yourselves to the arms of your Mother, you will not have to worry.

I always pray to the Father for all of you, above all for those children of mine who do not know the love of Jesus. You who love my Beloved Son, pray above all for my non-believing children.

They do not know what is waiting for them in the times to come. Satan will be freed and these dear children of mine who do not know the love of God will fall into hell, without being able to free themselves from that horrendous place anymore.

My children, you who love me, help me to convert these disobedient children of mine. These are decisive times. Each of you must begin to ask God, with all your heart, for that forgiveness that will let you cross over the gates of eternal Paradise.

Pray and fast for your non-believing brethren, so that they, too, may enjoy eternal life. I thank you, my children. I love you and want you with Me in eternity.

Mary, Humble of Heart

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

I am with you and will never leave you for a moment. You mothers understand me. In the most difficult moments above all, you know well that she who loves her children would be ready to give her life for them. And I understand well how much we mothers would do for the well-being of our children.

I have shown you first how strong I have been at the foot of the Cross of my Only Son. Dear children, seek to speak to your children about Jesus, about his love, about his faithfulness.

He would have been able to live without passing through all these sufferings, but he has offered himself, unto giving his life on the Cross, precisely to bear witnes to how great a love he has for all of you.

I, your Heavenly Mother, invite you to walk your path without fear of what you could encounter along your way.

Remember that with love all the obstacles one encounters on the earthly path are overcome. Offer your sufferings always with love and Jesus will reward you upon your return from the frigid earth with His infinite love.

Dear children, draw near to Holy Communion. You will receive Jesus with your heart and pray to Him above all to save yourselves from all the dangers you encounter on your earthly journey. Your return to the Father will be the Eternal Reward.

I am near you, fear not. The times are drawing to a close and you will be rewarded with true life, eternal life before your Father.

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

Mary, Consoler

My such beloved children, pray much, so that your brethren find again the way that leads to Jesus. You know well that I never leave you alone, but many of you no longer want to know anything of what is divine and powerful.

My children dedicate their lives more than ever to useless things, not thinking anymore that only what belongs to the Divine can change their life for the better.

The times in which you are living are certainly not the most good and beautiful, but you, my children, what will you do to make them better? I can draw near only to so very few of you. The cursing that many of you add to your conversations will surely lead you into the depths of hell.

I ask you, pray much for these children of mine who are far from their Father and from Jesus. Prayer, for many, has become unknown. Everything in their life will change, then.

Help me, obedient children. Intercede with the saints of heaven, so that they help these children of mine, who have done away with prayer toward Jesus, Me, and the saints.

Dear children, the times will soon change. Draw ever nearer to Jesus, who is your true salvation. I thank you, because you listen to my words and put into practice what Jesus proposes to you with his Word and in his Holy Gospel.

Dear children, I love you and soon I will be able to show it to you face to face. I bless you and thank you.

Mary, Consoler

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary

My daughter, I am with you. Call upon the help of Jesus, that he come quickly to free you from the enemy, from he who wants your eternal death. I never leave you alone, especially in these sad times.

Yes, dear children, perhaps you are not aware, but your enemy is pillaging souls like never before. Call upon the help of God, day and night. Pray to your Eternal Father, that He do justice and free my many children from Satan and his followers.

You cannot imagine how many of your brethren on your earth are dying only to suffer eternally in hell.

Pray and call upon the goodness of God, so that he send my Son Jesus among you soon to recover the many souls in danger of eternal death. I am suffering like in the time Jesus offered himself to the Father for the salvation of so many children.

Pray that the dark times on your planet pass quickly and that you, my most beloved children, come to enjoy the eternal love of Me, your Most Holy Mother, and of God the Eternal Father. I will keep praying, so that many of your brethren convert.

Thank you, my dearest children, for your prayers. Jesus loves you very much.

I press you to my Immaculate Heart.

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary

Mary, Mother of Jesus

My such beloved children, help me this week, which recalls the passion and death of my Jesus. One never feels suffering so strongly as when one dear to us leaves us.

So many of you understand me, above all those of you, my such beloved children, who have lost a child. For Me, it has been the greatest suffering of all my life.

You, mothers, can sense my suffering, but for me the death on the Cross of Jesus has been terrible. Even today, in this period, the intense sorrows are repeated like in the days of Holy Week, as you call it, my such beloved children.

In these last times, pray, so that they pass quickly and not be as sorrowful as they have been for Me. The death of a child is terrible, but like that on a cross, it breaks one’s heart.

I urge you always to pray, especially today, so that wars end quickly, too. I pray for you, but you: help me, so that your heads of state become aware of how many errors they are committing.

Pray, my children, above all that in the world there reign peace, and have others pray that this be an Easter of Resurrection for each of you. I am with you and in the memory of the Resurrection of Jesus, may you be able to rejoice together with Me.

I bless you and thank you for your prayer.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Suffering Mother

My daughter, you know very well that in these days there will come much suffering that will have to be faced. I offer myself to my Son and his Father for all of you, above all for those children of mine who have lost faith.

I ask you, my chosen ones, to pray and offer sacrifices in these times of Lent for the priests who suffer because they no longer feel the presence of the Holy Spirit upon their person.

I pray you, my dearest children, offer during this Lent prayers and sufferings for all my priest-sons, so that they find again the presence of Jesus next to them day and night.

So many of them have drawn away spiritually because you, my children, do not pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for them. I implore you, be aware that your prayers bring the Holy Spirit back to reign over his consecrated ones.

These are hard times for you, but if you do not let go of prayer, soon you will see the glory of God on all his people. So many of your brethren will return to church, above all to reconcile with God.

I count on so many of you and my Son will give you the strength to face these last difficult days. Be aware of the times in which you are living. Most of my children, above all the young, are far from God but Jesus prizes your prayers greatly because he loves his faraway children and desires that each one of them return to love and bless Jesus and the Eternal Father.

I love you.

Mary, Suffering Mother

Mary, Your Advocate

I am with you, my dear children. I love you so much and hope that you do the same for Me. You see how time is flying and you must count the days more than the hours.

It is true: everything in the world is shortened; everyone goes around in a hurry and you have no more time for prayer and meditation.

My dear children, I no longer know what to say to you. The things of the world, there will come a time in which you must abandon them. Then, I ask you: are you ready to face the judgment of God? Prepare yourselves, because time is coming to an end. Too many of my children are letting themselves be taken only by the things of the world.

I recommend that you listen to what I have been counseling you for so long: let the Holy Mass be the most intimate moment with my Son. Ask of Him and you will have the certitude that you he will give you what is best for your spirit.

In this time of Lent, pray and fast, above all from speaking ill of your friends and relatives, from whom you do not receive what you need.

I am with you. Count on Me, pray to your Father, let my intercession for you be of help and comfort for your souls.

Do not squander these last times for ephemeral things, but commend yourselves and your families to Jesus, who will give you what you need spiritually. I am always with you. Ask of me and I will ask eternal life for your from Jesus.

Mary, Your Advocate