Jesus, Son of God

I am the Lord your God; you shall not have any God besides Me.

In this moment, so many things will happen that most of you will not understand. But whoever is aware of my plans will not fear for all will happen in the last times.

My dear children, no one will love you like God and your Jesus of Mercy love you. Do not believe those who could lead you on the way that would not lead to your Father. Only through his Will things will change.

You know well that you are near to the heavenly changes. No one could change even a comma from the purpose of my Father, who is in heaven.

No one, for the moment, knows my Father, but in the last times, those who love God above all else will come to know the plans of God for men.

My children, you who have always walked the road of God’s justice, continue to teach your brethren who live in ignorance, that the only Way to follow is that which leads to God.

I am always near you and will lead you to the only Way, that is, to my Father who is in heaven and who loves you above all things. I bless you, my dearest children. Continue to teach the truths of God.

Jesus, Son of God

Mary, Mother and Teacher

Here I am again among you, to urge you to walk along the way of life. My such beloved children, these are the days that will lead to God the many souls that will help convince many men and women on earth to change their hearts from being cold and unbelieving to warm and believing.

If you do not begin to do battle on earth for a true conversion, it could then be too late. Jesus loves you and wants to see all his children clean up their own souls.

My dear children, I will still come to you to make you understand how important the cleanness of your souls is. Whoever will not follow the Word of God will lose eternal life. I will continue to come among you, to bring you my Word. But, unfortunately, many of you still turn a deaf ear.

I count so much on you. Help me to bring back to the good road your non-believing brethren, otherwise, it could be too late. Let the Holy Mass become your Daily Bread, and Holy Communion your Strength.

Listen to what I am saying to you and put into practice my counsels, which I am giving you with such maternal love. I bless you, I love you, and I want to bring you to Jesus, in order to enjoy his Heavenly Paradise.

Mary, Mother and Teacher

Mary, Most Holy Daughter of Saint Ann and Saint Joachim

My dearly beloved children, today, on the feast of my parents, I bless you and desire to place you in their arms. I have loved them so much and they, in their goodness, pour back upon all of you the goods that come to them from the Father.

Pray, so that these difficult times pass quickly and make you enjoy all the days that remain for you to live on your earth.

Dear children, pray, pray, pray, so that all the men who allow such evil on your earth convert and, in the place of their wickedness, show goodness and mercy toward their brethren.

Let these last times be for their conversion and let their hearts beat in unison with all their brethren. On your earth one no longer distinguishes good from evil and this will only bring suffering.

My dearest children, I will never forget I am your Mother. Entrust all your problems to me and I will seek to change them into good and just things. Pray more; my Son Jesus will bring to his Father and your Father all your worries, which will certainly change into joys.

I am with you. I promise you that whatever you ask of me for your good, I will bring it to Jesus who, with his own hands, will place them in the hands of his Father.

Ask and it will be given to you, converting your hearts.

Mary, Most Holy Daughter of Saint Ann and Saint Joachim

Your Merciful Jesus

My dearest children, let my Ascension into Heaven make you desire Paradise. You know well that the times are drawing shorter on your earth and my Father will make of these days to come the beginning of the earthly end.

I pray you, do not lose any more time in this rotten world, but begin to think consciously about the end of this poor world. My Father had given it to you for your well-being but you have done nothing but destroy it.

I no longer know how to tell you: CONVERT! if you do not want to spend the rest of your life in eternal hell, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth. Look around you and you will see only devastation!

What have you done with all the earthly goods that my Father has given you!

You have destroyed every good, every good thing, and have gone through every smile on your mouths. Repent, so that you be on time. Ask forgiveness among yourselves and, above all, from the bottom of your hearts, pray to my Father and your Father for forgiveness for all your sins.

I am always with you, but there will come times in which it will no longer be enough to ask forgiveness. I am with you, but you entrust your hearts to me full of mortal sins!

I bless you.

Your Merciful Jesus

Your One Mother

My such beloved children, if I, your Most Holy Mother, am Assumed into heaven, you, too, with your prayers to your Father, will rise to heaven one day.

I am without original sin and, therefore, have merited to reach heaven right away. But you, too, if you merit it, will reach Me, Jesus, and the Lord your God in the heavens, where there will be infinite joy.

I am sorry that so many of you no longer think that you will have to leave earth one day to reach eternal life.

My children, if you believe in eternal life, help me to convince my children most distant from God that one day, not far from now, they will have to render an account for all their sins committed on earth.

I am helping you to convince many of you, that true life is not that which you are living on earth, but will be, one day and forever, eternal joy in God or suffering in the depths of hell, where there will be fire and eternal pain.

My dear children, I love you so much and I am near you in all your actions. Continue to give good example to all your brethren, but above all those who do not believe in God and in eternal life.

Thank you, dear children. I love you and pray always for you to my Divine Son. I bless you, I protect you, and I defend you from what comes from the evil one.

Your One Mother

Your True Mother

My such beloved children, your Heavenly Mother always prays for all her sinful children, otherwise none of them would be saved. Remember that, without praying, above all to Jesus, there would be no escape for any of you.

These times of yours are growing worse and worse. Blasphemies toward God are increasing. People hardly say prayers anymore. They no longer offer sufferings of any kind and, so, I ask: “My children, do you still think that sooner or later you must die to the world and render an account to God for all your failings?”

I tell you, take up prayer again like your ancestors did. Jesus is always ready to forgive your sins and absolve all your failings. If you once again address Me when you are in difficulty, all will seem easier to overcome.

Your earthly times a growing ever shorter, but you do not recognize the times and moments to dedicate to God in order not to find yourselves surprised before his Justice. Pray, my dear children, so that I, too, may intercede for each of you before the Father and my Son.

Pray, pray in every moment of your life. I bless you and promise you my intercession.

Your True Mother

Jesus, Your Savior

I am the Lord your God. You shall not have any God besides Me.

In these last times, there will be much confusion on your earth. But do you not understand that I have, from the beginning, suggested to you not to have any God apart from Me?

One God in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Father is, all along, He who has made all things from nothing. The Son has given his life for your salvation. The Holy Spirit is with each of you, always.

Your earthly times are going to drawer ever shorter and the Father, who is in Heaven, will bring to a close your earthly life in order to give to each of you what he merits, the prize or eternal pain.

Convert, my children, before it is too late. My churches are emptying out and my sons, the priests, pray and suffer for all of it, thinking they wrong in speaking to my children about God, One and Three.

My dearest children, repent of your unjust behaviors and ask forgiveness from my Father, while you can. My Mother is always with you and guards you, being the best of all mothers.

Jesus, Your Savior

Your Only True Mother

My dear children, you pray, “Blessed are you among women”; do you ask yourselves why? I have been chosen to be, yes, the Mother of Jesus, but also the Mother of you all.

My dear children, there remain few of you to pray to your “Mother” and, for this reason, you have almost nothing good on your earth anymore. You do not understand and no longer remember that, close to God, I can do all things for each of you.

If you need to, call upon me. I, the Mother of the Son, Jesus, can have for you all that you need. I repeat, call upon my Name and Jesus, with the Father who is in heaven, will hear you and come to your aid.

I repeat all this to you because many of you no longer address us but, in a sinful way, turn to sorcerers and magicians. What do you hope for from demons? Only God and Jesus, your Redeemer, can rectify your sins.

Wake up, my children. The times are drawing short. Ask, now, and you will obtain goodness and infinite joy. I am always with you and will call upon graces from God. I love you and want none of you to rush toward an eternity where there is suffering and curses.

I love you so much, my children. Listen to my most recent words and make of them a treasure in these last and most difficult times. I embrace you, carrying to God all your requests.

Your Only True Mother

Your Most Holy Heavenly Mother

I am your Most Holy Mother. Do not be afraid of these dark times in which you are living, because soon my Son will place within you the peace and desire for Paradise. Your earth is consumed in all its fullness and, unfortunately, will no longer give you what you desire.

I always pray to your Father, so that He give you yet a bit of peace, but unfortunately, most you have left aside Holy Mass and all that is divine and which would help you gain eternal life.

Dear children, you know well how much your times on earth are drawing short. Pray for your brethren, so that your Father, who must judge you from heaven, might be generous, above all with his children who have not respected his Commandments.

Thank you who have followed my teachings. Continue to catechize your brethren outside the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church. Your brethren who are far from God will have much to suffer in the times to come.

Their ignorance regarding Paradise will bring them to eternal suffering. Pray and have others pray, so that your Eternal Father have compassion on all his children who are far from his laws.

I entrust to you all of my children who are far from the Truth, so that they be able to ask forgiveness before their earthly end.

Your Most Holy Heavenly Mother

Your Tender Mother

My dearest children, you call upon me—pray for us sinners—but soon after, you forget your request. I, however, continue to pray for you. Otherwise, the devil would plunder my children.

Remember, my children, that without calling upon our Names, you would always be in satanic clutches.

You know, now with certitude, that the times in which you are living are the last and that if you do not entrust yourselves to Jesus and to his Most Holy Father, you will be subject to the power of Satan, and hell will be your dwelling forever.

I pray for you, but as for you, seek not to draw far from Jesus with your sins. Pray and repent for all the times you have forgotten the Love of God.

The days to come will be all the more difficult and only by entrusting yourselves to Us will you be able to repent of evils done and to ask forgiveness. I seek to guide you toward the good but many, too many of you, shrug your shoulders to accomplish destructive works.

Peace among you will vanish and thus the devil will find your wicked hearts open to him. My dear children, you know very well that these are the last times. Seek, therefore, to live them in the grace of God in order to merit eternal life.

I love you and will help you, so that you may live on earth. But you, offer me your hearts. I bless you.

Your Tender Mother