Your Sorrowful Mother

Dear children, if I come to you as a Mother, it is because the love of a mother far surpasses every other kind of love.

If I am here with you, it is so that you do not feel like orphans. My love reaches each of you and helps you to overcome all the trials that come before you in these last and difficult times.

You all see how, in your world, one no longer speaks of God. Even at the moment of death for so many of you, one does not pray the Lord take that soul, forgiving all his sins; one remembers only the actions that that soul has taken during his worldly life.

Dear children, ask forgiveness for these brethren of yours who do not believe, so that, standing before my Son, they are able to ask forgiveness for their little faith.

I pray for you. I am suffering much but I do not lose the hope that each of you find a little space in your life for the love of Jesus.

How is it you do not understand that the days in which you are living on your planet are only a small quantity? Eternal life will be for you only what you merit through love, devotion, and charity for God and your brethren. Dear children, I ask you from the bottom of my heart: repent, respect the commandments, and above all, love each other as Jesus loves you. I bless you.

Your Sorrowful Mother

Mary, Mother of Jesus

You pray, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.” Yes, my dear children, the Lord is with Me from the day of my conception.

You need to be baptized in order to become true children of God, but I have had the honor and the burden [l’onore e l’onere] of becoming the Mother of Jesus and all of you. God has made use of Me, his servant and smallest among all women.

My dear children, I love you like no mother has ever loved. You are children of that Lord who has chosen me as Mother of His Only-Begotten Son. Jesus will give you everything, all love, so that you may merit to enter into his kingdom.

Dear children, you cannot now understand the depths of this mystery, but in just a short while, you will be aware of the coming of Jesus among you. Only in that time will your eyes and heart be opened and you will be able to pray to my Son to let you enter and take part in his Kingdom.

Only his Divine Mercy will make you true children of his. Prepare yourselves, because there remains little time to ask forgiveness for all your innumerable faults.

I cry for all my children, deaf to my call, but I am certain that your prayers will help me to get my beloved children back, in order to enjoy their love totally.

I love you, dear children. Soon we will enjoy together the true Love of God. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Loving Mother

My dear children, I no longer know how to make you understand that these times in which you are living are the last that you will spend on this tortured earth. Yes, my children, you have treated this dwelling of yours like the last of your duties.

Start now, perhaps, to see the damage you have caused to the earth, which your God has given you with such love. The animals have had more respect than you human beings.

If you lose more time with the things of the world, you will no longer understand anything of the divine, that is, what is of true importance, what God has given you.

Let go of worldliness and begin to pray and renew your purposes in adoring your One and Only God. Dear children, you have forgotten what true love is, by putting in first place the things of the world.

Love your brethren and put in first place those who are neglected because they are poor. You have not yet understood that precisely in doing good for others, God will grant you the first places in his kingdom.

You have destroyed all that God has given you with such love and for your good. Dear children, there remains little time for you to make up for your many errors. Pray and have others pray and Jesus will lead you on the way of justice, that same way that is eternal life.

I bless you. Pray—pray and love.

Mary, Loving Mother

Mary, Mother and Queen

My such beloved children, pray. Pray much and often. Be aware that your time is drawing short, while your prayers are diminishing even more.

I want to advise you to put prayer in first place, otherwise you will regret not having been able to do it more and of having closed out your days in the terror of not having disposed more of your precious time, which you enjoy in this moment.

I urge you: entrust yourselves more and more often to your Father, now that your days are calm. There will come days, soon, where you cannot enjoy the freedom you currently enjoy.

I urge you all the more to daily prayer. Only thus will you be able to shorten the negative times in which you are living.

My Son no longer occupies first place in your hearts and the Father will soon take up other means to make Jesus return to first place in your hearts.

My children, I pray for you and above all for my non-believing children, who will not know how to confront the dark times that are coming.

Only prayer to the Son of God will be able to fill your hearts with the joy that will prepare you for the encounter with God.

Dear children, I am with you. Entrust your non-believing brethren to me and I will fill their hearts with the love of my Son.

I love you, my children. Listen to my words and make them yours. I will not leave you alone.

I love you, I bless you, and I protect you.

Mary, Mother and Queen

Your Only Mother

Dear children, I ask you again to pray to my Son for all your non-believing brethren. They cannot imagine how great the sufferings of hell are.

My Son and I, we could not intervene with the Father any more than we are. Believe me, my dear children, in these last times my greatest sufferings are precisely those of not being able to intercede for their salvation.

You, mothers, understand what I am suffering. Help me with fasting and prayers and thus we will be able to free so many of your loved ones from eternal pain.

Unfortunately, we will not have much more time at our disposition. The eternal Father is about to decide the return of Jesus and of Me upon your land and, unfortunately, so many non-believers will have no more time for a sincere conversion.

Their hearts are hermetically sealed and only your prayers and your offerings can help them to make their hearts hatch open, hermetically sealed.

Dear children, I am entrusting myself to you because I know I can count on your help. We will return to you because the times are coming to fulfillment. You know well that many conversions can happen thanks to your offerings and sacrifices.

My children, listen to me. Act soon and we will be able to rejoice together over the many children who will return to He who has called them to true joy.

I bless you and embrace you.

Your Only Mother

Your Merciful Jesus

Dear children, when you pray, you say: “Do not abandon us in temptation.” How could I abandon you in the moment in which Satan is persecuting you? Temptation is the most dangerous trial and I, your Father, will never abandon you into the hands of Satan. It is for you to pray to me and, above all, to trust my heavenly help.

In these times, where many of you have ceded to the temptation of the devil, I pray you: offer me prayers and sufferings precisely for your brethren who are weakest in temptation. Know that Satan is playing his last cards; therefore, he tempts you where you are weakest.

Clothe yourselves again in prayer. Invoke Mary, your Mother, she who has been at the foot of my Cross. Call upon her in every situation where you feel most alone and She will save you from the clutches of the ancient serpent.

Draw close, more often, to the “Food that nourishes” and have no fear. My Mother will not abandon you if you know how to invite her into all your difficulties.

You know well that you are living through the last times. For this reason, I invite you to the divine banquet and you will be certain of not falling easily into temptation.

I am always near you. Come to the altar of my sacrifice and I will save you from eternal hell. Be charitable toward your brethren. Live in peace and in prayer and I will give you eternal joy.

I bless you and thank you.

Your Merciful Jesus

Mary, Mother Forever

My daughter, so dear to my sorrowful heart, continue to pray and offer all your sufferings for the salvation of the many brethren who are unable to draw near to their Creator.

Too many children are far from our teachings. The sacraments are no longer known and even less respected. The young, unfortunately, have no more good examples, even from the family.

My daughter, pray that many parents start praying again with their children for their salvation and that of those dear to them. The spiritual part of my children, for most of them, no longer exists.

They are aware that earthly happiness is not enough, but they do not find the way that leads them to true joy. But, you, tell me: how can one find love without knowing He who has given his life for your salvation?

The earthly world cannot give you true joy, but I tell you that if you begin to pray to your Savior with the heart, above all within the family, Jesus will reward you by giving you a taste of full joy, even while confronting the many difficulties that you will yet encounter along the way.

Entrust to me all the young, so that they believe that they will find full joy only when they let enter into their hearts the pierced heart of Jesus.

You see how your times are shortening. Wake up from your dreams and confront reality with the help of God, otherwise you will lose what counts the most, eternal joy. I bless you and draw you close to my maternal and immaculate heart. Be true children of God, demonstrating true love.

Mary, Mother Forever

Jesus Crucified

My such beloved children: my Father, who is in heaven and who blesses you, be with you all. Always remember that if you are born on this earth it is because he has called you by name, one by one.

You have been and will always be his; seek to be reborn in heaven. Yes, dear children, it is now your turn to conquer that Fatherland, where the Father waits for you.

I am with you like I was with my disciples. I love you in the same way in which I loved them and will lead you, if you want, between His adorable arms, full of the Holy Spirit.

He, the author of life, has the power also to take it up again to Himself, but will do so only if you, full of love for Him, want it.

This is the eternal dwelling. I love my Father and I pray to Him so that he preserve you from the great offenses that Satan suggests to you in order to lead you into his kingdom of fire and eternal pain.

My dear children, pray and make others pray. Entrust yourselves to the maternal arms of my Mother and yours and you will have nothing to regret. These times in which you are living are the last, but that takes nothing away from the fact that they will be very difficult to live through for those who do not know how to ask for help with their prayers.

My Father has many places in store for you, but seek to merit eternal life. My Mother intercedes for you with copious tears, but it is up to you to merit eternal life. I love you. Seek me out and I will be with you for all eternity.

Jesus Crucified

Mary, Undoer of Knots

You say in prayer, “Holy Mary,” yet many of you, though they pray with these words, do not believe in what they are reciting with their lips.

My dear children, I wish you a true and sincere conversion, otherwise you must continue living through many hard trials. Your Father would like to save all his flock, but if you continue on this road, not even my intercession will help to move the Heart of God.

I promise you: pray and have others pray, but not with simple and sometimes empty words, but put your heart there, and a concrete conversion.

You see with your eyes and touch with your hands how many catastrophes you are undergoing. Your earth no longer reacts to all the havoc you are wreaking. How much wickedness among you! You do not think to live any more as brethren and lies and wickedness make themselves master in families and in society.

Listen to my words, because there will come days for you still more tremendous, if you do not stop putting to hard trial my weakest children, who cannot defend themselves in any way.

I tell you who feel powerful on this earth: yes, you are preserving your lives for Satan and, unfortunately for you, against your will and far from any sincere repentance, you will have so strong a punishment you will no longer be able to save yourselves from the gates of hell.

My children, entrust yourselves to my maternal love, otherwise you will forbid me from helping you.

Mary, Undoer of Knots

Jesus, Ascended into Heaven

You have just celebrated my Ascension into heaven, now ask yourselves how your rise to heaven will be!

My such beloved children, many of you will have a rise into heaven. Others, instead, will live the end of time here, on your earth.

I will come to you. I will speak simply with you, like I am doing now with this sister of yours. You need not go through physical death to return to your Creator.

You will have all the time necessary for asking pardon for your sins. It will seem like your heart is in total darkness. You will suffer for the offenses caused Me, my Father, and my Most Holy Mother. It will seem like a long time, eternal, but after the request of your forgiveness, you will see the glory of God.

After this, you will be able to begin a new life made only of the love of God and of true and pure love among yourselves. You will have paradise on earth and will finally enjoy my presence.

Exult, my children, because these times are drawing near by leaps and bounds. My Father is Infinite Goodness and will rejoice, finally, with all his children who live only according to his Holy Will, enjoying true Love.

I bless you. Prepare to welcome infinite Love.

Make sure you are found ready.

Jesus, Ascended into Heaven