The Father of the Crucified Son

You are all wrapped in one embrace by your Father.

Now do not do like Philip. I, the Father, can allow myself to embrace you, and for the response of Jesus to the disciple you is valid: “Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father, because I AM in the Father and the Father is in me.”

Dear children, Easter is approaching and my Son will have you revive his Passion. Do not be afraid before some additional suffering in these days. If you help Jesus to carry his Cross, you will have fulfilled my will as well.

And my Will is that of bringing to salvation all my children. The Cross is a sacrifice, but it is also an offering. I have offered you eternal life, but your disobedience has deprived you of the return of my Kingdom.

Thanks to many dear children, right there in helping Jesus carry the Cross, salvation is assured to those who desire it. Be compliant with my requests. I need your Yes, your accepting with joy the sharing of the heavy wood of the Cross.

I assure you that not even the smallest part of your offering will go lost.

Now you feel tired and oppressed, but do not forget that after the passion and death, there is the Resurrection. I want all of you with Me and my Son has offered himself in joy for the salvation of all.

Now, reinvigorate your strength, in particular your spiritual part. In this Paschal Triduum, be true followers of Christ and I will not forget your total obedience to my Divine Will.

I am your Father, I am your Creator, I give you my Spirit, so that you can face all the trials of these days. My love for you is eternal salvation. Remember this at every moment.

My blessing is upon you, apostles of peace.

The Father of the Crucified Son

Mary, Help of Christians

Greetings my dear children, greetings. My cenacle today burns with love for Me and for my Son.

I thank you because you have responded to my invitation and for this reason I desire to be with you, close to each of you, gathered in prayer.

I will invite you again to gladden my distant children. Let us share love, so that it may multiply always the more in order to reach those distant and cold hearts.

Prayer, if done with the heart, refreshes the soul and allows you to live in joy and serenity even in confronting the difficulties that each day appear before you. Let us pray, dear children, today for all of my consecrated ones.

Only they can eat of that bread and of that wine that will maintain you and satisfy your hunger in the days to come.

These next times will not be humanly bearable. They will show themselves to be difficult and uncertain, but you must not fear, you will be ready to confront them and win on all fronts.

With Me and with Jesus, your steps will be secure. You will always find the right ways to pass over, you will be light for those brethren who have lost direction, making themselves lost by discouragement and ceding to fear.

I will be close to you. You will rejoice because you will finally be able to resolve so many problems that are complicating your existence. Even sadder and more difficult days with pass by, and you will be able, with your bearing witness, to console many afflicted hearts.

I ask you to be listening, because my Son will give to each of you the ability to hear my voice and that of your angels who accompany you always and everywhere. You will never be alone. Pray and call upon our names and all your fears will dissolve.

Be united like true brethren and the strength to face every danger will never leave you. My dear children, I want to remain in your hearts like in this moment.

I love you so much.

Mary, Help of Christians

Your Sorrowful Mother

Dear children, my affliction is your affliction. These are dark times and your hearts warn of more disparate sorrows. My children are reduced to human larvae. They have lost the light of reason by not thinking of the light of the Spirit.

I am the Mother of Sorrows, and it is for this reason that my Son lets me help those of good will. Never before has my heart suffered harder torments. The Crucifixion of Jesus has pierced my heart, but for a good and holy cause – but you, my children, pierce me in a more cruel way.

Why so much wickedness, so much cruelty, so many betrayals? Your society has been destroyed by your divisions. Some of you feel my sorrow; to you I say hold on a bit longer. Let us treat the wounds of the Son of God, that ooze blood for the blows that the young cast without restraint upon that body already so sorely tried.

You are among the few of his small remnant. Pray to console our hearts and to ensure that your Father mitigate yet a bit his chastisements. Forgive those who do you wrong, and think about how much our hearts suffer.

The days are increasingly getting shorter, but wickedness is increasing in the world. Delirium is by now the most common feeling. There is no more love. You do not succeed in distinguishing good from evil and this will bring you to total destruction.

I recommend you to save the only good that remains, the Body of my Son, who continues to give himself, knowing all the while that your hearts almost never open.

Help me, I will fight for you until the end.

Your Sorrowful Mother

Mary, Gate of Heaven

Peace to you, children of the Most High, peace to you. I bring you my peace, that of the heart. To all of you gathered here, I have come to bring you peace. Your hearts are agitated like the sea in a storm, and therefore you do not allow my peace to enter.

The Spirit is upon you and will change your distraction into attention, your agitation into flat calm, your fear into joy. Dear children, do not allow satan to play his game. He is cunning and if you do not grasp my hands, you risk falling.

Do not joke around with fire that can burn you. Let prayer fill your days. Love without measure and give succor to your brethren in trial, who, being weaker than you, can succumb.

I assure you of my presence. Be cunning, do not let yourselves be tempted by the things of the world. Give room for good actions and serve your neighbor as if he were Jesus, your Savior. Seek to fix your thoughts only on the love of God.

Nothing will satisfy you until you understand that to do the divine will and only the divine will can fill that emptiness that is causing you pain whatever else you do.

In these difficult times I recommend to you: be pure like doves, but shrewd as serpents, because hell is open like never before. Justice will triumph in the end and if you obey the laws of God, your recompense will be great.

The world offers you the ephemeral. Only God can give you the necessary and indispensable. Obey your Mother who suffers like never before for the offenses against her Son. They arrive like projectiles to wound my heart.

Help me. I will intercede for all your needs. Do not waste any more precious time. Assure yourselves the love and forgiveness of my Son. Be united, then, in the presence of the Most High. I bless you.

Mary, Gate of Heaven

The Virgin Mary

I am the daughter, the Virgin Mary. Peace to you and to all those who need my blessing. Give me your hearts and I will prepare them for the coming of my Son.

Do not be amazed. The time is drawing closer and you know very well that it will be his second coming: from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead. Do you not pronounce these words in the prayer of the Creed?

Do not live, then, only on words, but when you pray, meditate with the heart on what you say with the lips. My Son will come, but will he find faith on your earth? Behold, I come to prepare you for His coming because I want him to find many souls with hearts full of faith and love for Him.

Life is short, therefore, and to each of you it does not seem but a moment, but I want you to start thinking about your encounter with my Son and your Redeemer.

He will come like promised and will return in glory. All will see him and blessed are those who will be ready for this meeting.

My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the earth will be purified, and our children, finally, will be able to taste true joy, that which is being able to live without any more temptation, or illness, or wickedness.

You will love, then, truly like brothers. There will be no more envy and jealousy, but each of you will rejoice in the joys of your brethren.

My children, you will recognize true love and will no longer need diversions or pastimes. Jesus will fill your life. He is richness, goodness, joy, grace, love without end.

I desire that you begin to think about his coming. Do not let yourselves be found unprepared, but make precious your days with prayer, fasts, praises, invocations in honor of his Holy Name. You will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will rejoice in the completion of these dark and cold times.

I bless you, I am with you, I know your names, as they are written in the book of life. Peace to you.

The Virgin Mary

I will soon give you a sign.

Mary, Queen of Peace

My daughter, you have responded to my call on this very special day. When the Heavenly Mother calls her children it is good that they respond with joy to her call. Listen to me, my children. I have begun with you a conversation that not all my children can understand.

The Holy Spirit has opened your mind and heart and I can make some important suggestions for you for continuing on your journey. Let prayer be the right path to follow in this way, which is every day becoming more tiring.

You understand that those who draw far from Jesus totally lose their orientation. I counsel you again toward the prayer of the rosary and that of silence.

The holy rosary recited in my cenacles acquires a power and a strength that changes hearts like the best of medicines. There are too many calloused hearts. They are incurable tumors that no other medicine can cure.

Your Mother is with you to heal as many souls as possible from this cancer of the heart and of the spirit. Pray for sinners, above all for those who do not want to accept the love of my Son.

Then, I recommend to you the prayer of silence. Let your dialogue with God become intercession for all your civil representatives. If they do not convert, they will make the earth into a trash heap and there will be no more detergent to bring it back to its ancient splendor.

Only your silent prayer to God can move his Most Sacred Heart and purify these children who are living in the rot and darkness of sin.

My dear children, I am with you and I will help you with all the love and all the graces necessary for you. Pray, ask, intercede for all your brethren deaf to my maternal calls. I love you so much. I thank you, because you have responded with enthusiasm to my call.

Pray, pray, pray.

Mary, Queen of Peace


Mary Immaculate

Write, my daughter. I am the Immaculate and I love you, all of you, very much.

I desire that your hearts be free from negative thoughts, from calumnies, murmurs, useless and superfluous conversations. Think only about having love be born again in you. In the general confusion you no longer find the key to the problem.

Listen to me, then. Each of you should promise yourself to obey your Mother who loves you so much so as to come again to you. Fasts are not helpful if they do not bring love. You can fast to reacquire your physical beauty, but that type of fasting does not befit spiritual beauty.

Listen to me attentively, then. Each of you knows well what “his” fast should be to please my Son. When you have singled out what to “fast” from, you will be ready to offer your sacrifice.

To deprive yourself of that “thing” is a reason for love. To offer a small thing, but from the depths of the heart, is a great and precious gift to that Jesus who has offered his life for his beloved children.

Offer, and in the knowledge that what you are offering comes from the depths of the heart, be certain that what you ask for will be given you in return. For you and for your loved ones, your offering will become a gift. Jesus, in his Divine Mercy, will have mercy on you and will listen to every request of yours.

Let prayer make a crown for all your offerings, all your fasts, be they corporal or spiritual. Entrust yourselves to our Hearts. Kneel down and in humility open to us your hearts. We will fill them with all the graces necessary for you and your loved ones.

Fast above all from wicked deeds and from evil toward your neighbor.

With love, the way opens that brings peace. Be united in the Most Holy Name of Jesus and you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. Let this be your Lent, let this be your pre-paschal purpose.

I bless you, certain that you will treasure my words.

Mary Immaculate

Mary, Pilgrim

Greetings, my dear children. I am your Heavenly Mother, and I come to you to console you and to assure you of me maternal presence. I will never leave you, not even when you are not able to feel my presence. You know this, I come tiptoed, in silence, so that you might listen to the words that come from heaven.

This earth of yours is undergoing the strongest temptation of all ages. Hold strong to our merciful hands and seek not to fall. But if a slip should occur, do not fear – the angels of heaven close to you are more numerous than the rebel angels.

Pray without interruption for this planet of yours that is suffering for your wickedness. Yes, dear children, my beloved children experience, and often bring to fruition, wickedness of every kind. I tell you to put works of mercy before such acts of wickedness.

The rebel spirits will not emerge as victors from this war that they have armed, pitting brother against brother, father against son, and son against father.

Do not fear, run often to confession, pray to your Father, who never lets the birds of heaven or the fish of the sea lack food.

You are his children and if you are able to love yourselves by setting aside the weapons of the devil, He will save you from all the pains that are arriving precisely because of that human wickedness of which he was speaking to you a little while ago. I do not leave you. I am close to my most needy children with my counsels and my love.

I cannot induce you to do what you do not like or what does not please you, because what I counsel you can cost you a sacrifice, but with holy patience I will seek to recover as many souls as possible. I will not let another rob the children of God with his easy, sweet, lies. Only with lies can he conquer the weakest souls, but my Son will not permit him for much longer.

I am with you and I bring you the blessing of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Pilgrim

Jesus, Savior of the World

My dear children, what do you want to offer me in this time of Lent? I can suggest to you what would please me the most. Dear children, I ask you to abandon yourselves to my divine will.

I this time in which everything is allowed, where sin no longer exists, where one does not think of what is pleasing to God, where the commandments are no longer respected, where the place of God is occupied principally by your “I,” I suggest you rely always on my will.

My will is called Love. Yes, dear children, love each other from the depths of the heart without looking out for what will please you the most. Do not think about your profit but about that of your brethren. Only in love will you find yourselves again.

Obedience to your Creator will bring you to live in charity, in peace, in quiet living, in the reordering of all your life. Obeying mammon to satisfy every desire of yours, every vice of yours, will never bring you into living in my will.

The will of my Father is salvation for every man. The will of the devil is rebelling against the law of God. You cannot be mistaken: the Word of God is One, and does not go debated.

There are no compromises that obtain: either decide for my will, or continue to live in your vices that bring you far from the Kingdom of God. In these days that lead up to my Easter, reflect for a while on modifying your plan for life. Listen to my voice, embracing that Cross that goes before your every day. Without the Cross there is no salvation.

The will of God is precisely this, to offer your life in exchange for salvation. Leave your will aside to live in my Divine Will. I am close to you arnd I will help you to pass through the door of my Kingdom.

I bless you, I protect you in this Lent from yourselves, offering you the possibility of accepting the Cross.

Jesus, Savior of the World

Mary, Conceived without Sin

Dear children, I am the one who kneels down near you; I cannot lose you. I love you too much, but the other does not release his prey.

My children, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, convert and believe in the Gospel. You no longer have spiritual guides and materialism triumphs, but I want all of you with me, in the house of my Father and yours. Open your eyes, ask Jesus to show you the world as he sees it and as I see it.

The devil and his rebel angels do not even let you breathe and you do not pose any resistance. I pray you, be strong, do not let yourselves be enchained by the bitter enemy. He, in this moment, enjoys immense strength and if you are no longer convinced to abandon sin, your existence will burn out like a match.

My dear children, Jesus is all for you. Do not draw far from his teachings, otherwise you will lose the way in a huff.

Remain united in prayer and be convinced witness with your brethren who are being lost for their unbelief. You need God, you cannot exist without Him. Do not be stubborn, let yourselves be taken by the hand of He who has loved you to folly. You will lose all that you have, all will end and if you lose eternal life, you will have lost the only possibility that has been given you.

I am always with you, but you do not want to understand. Life is slipping away from you like a drop of water would slip away. Let yourselves be guided, be less proud, make yourselves small and I will take care of you.

Do not waste the time that remains for you. It is the most precious thing that remains for you. Spend it for your salvation – nothing else matters. I open my arms to you. Do not twist, otherwise I will no longer be able to help you.

Be generous with yourselves, love yourselves in order to be able to love your neighbor more.

Dear children, Yes to God, No to the devil, decide quickly. I bless you.

Mary, Conceived without Sin