Jesus, Son and Holy

My Heart can hold all my children who desire my love, and welcome all my precepts. I love my children, but want that all be saved in the acknowledgement that without Me they cannot live, and when I say “live,” I speak of spiritual life.

Leave to the world the things of the world, but give to God that which is of God. If you live for the beauty of spiritual things, you will no longer value the things that make you slaves of the world.

You are mine. I have thought you – desired you – created you. No one will ever be able to love you more than Me. Live in prayer and in the meditation of the counsels that you have received through my Commandments. Whoever loves the world more than Me will not be worthy of Me.

I have given my life for you, but it seems that the majority of my children have forgotten this. I want to bring you all back to my Father. Like a good shepherd, I want to lead all my little sheep into the one true fold.

Be good evangelizers, and I will render you a hundredfold. Blessed are you when God the Father opens his most loving arms. My Mother, Most Holy Mary, is she who prays incessantly for all of you. Help her by your prayer, so that her intercession arrive to the Father most quickly.

I love you so much, my children. Do not waste more time. Confront your behavior with my commandments in order to ensure you are living sufficiently and with love under my laws.

Dear children, I have promised you eternal life. It is your to merit it. With love and with boldness and perseverance, you will be able to conquer my Heart and that of my Father. Remember: prayer and fasting from the things of the world will save all of humanity. I bless you.

Jesus, Son and Holy

Mary, Assumed into Heaven

My daughter, I am your refuge. In heaven, today is a great feast. All the angels of Paradise make a crown for me. Hymns and canticles melt into joy.

My dear children, earth has become the pit that would like to swallow you, in order to steer you into the depths of hell. Seek to recover the way that leads to my Son, otherwise the demon will win on all fronts.

Do you want to rise to heaven? Do you want to enjoy my motherly love? Do you want to live in joy forever? All that remains is for you to change the course of your actions.

You are destroying yourselves. Sin wraps you like a cloth woven with false modesty, false comforts, false joys. And you, drawn by the things of the world, fall into a trap with the least struggle.

I have risen into heaven and I pray incessantly to the Father, so that his Will be done. If my Son Jesus does not get ready to return to your planet, so many of my children will be lost without hope.

Keep watch and meditate on that which you are living through. There is no more love among you. This word has been abused and distorted, in particular within couples. You call “love” the base passions, animal instinct, impure acts, indecent intercourse, unworthy of being called loving encounters.

Love is offering, love is gift of self to the other, love is suffering, love is living in the truth and in the obedience of He who is Incarnate and Crucified for the salvation of all. The universe can no longer accept your faults. Even prayers often become only requests and not offerings.

Earnestly imitate your Mother assumed into heaven, if you want to follow her in blessed peace. I invite you to love – give – pray – persevere in obedience to the divine laws.

Mary, Assumed into Heaven


Mary, Queen of Peace

Peace be with you. Like Moses brought the Jews across the Red Sea, I, the Queen of Peace, will bring you across these dark and menacing times.

I, your Most Holy Mother, will show myself as never before. I want that my beloved children all undertake this tiring journey that will open up the new era.

If you are responsible for what you must do and submit yourselves with much humility to that which I will tell you, salvation will be accessible for you and you can be assured of that place which has been prepared for you from the time of creation.

Courage, my dearest children. Do not think that you need the things of the world. You will not need either money or food, which surely will be inedible, but furnish yourselves with the book of the Word of God and the only weapon that will make you victors on all fronts.

Every war is faced with the most appropriate weapons, with the certainty that the Leader knows well the war plan. My Jesus is your Head. No one will ever be able to overcome the barriers that He defends.

Be ready, victory is for all those who do not doubt his will and power. I am with you. I will accompany you in the hard walk, I will sustain you and guide your steps, defending each of you from the advance of the impure one.

Do not go far from my presence, be true soldiers in the army of salvation and heaven will exult in the victory that all my children will bring.

This earth is making itself unfruitful in every way, but fear not, my Son knows how to nourish his children. With God, in God, and for God, this is that which you must aim for now and always.

My maternal blessing is upon you and all your brethren for whom you are praying.

Mary, Queen of Peace

Mary, Daughter and Mother

My dear children, peace be with you.

Your life is precious, it is a gift of God. Preserve it, as He has given it to you. There is no more respect. Your body has become only a useless casing for your soul. Do you not understand that if you do not take care of your body, that your spirit will suffer in consequence?

Sin reigns, your body is subject to all possible impurities, you no longer have the least attention for the body that is the holy temple of God. I, dear children, suggest that you contemplate what a precious gift has been entrusted to you. Rediscover in this tempestuous time how much the good God takes care of you.

Nothing and no one will be able to hold on to this stupendous gift without responding to the invitation by the Creator to take care of the body, true container of the masterpiece of God, in purity and spirituality.

Once again live in simplicity and in the perseverance aided by the suggestions that Mother Church gives you through the Word of God. Only if you know how to recover certain values, will your body be able to live again in harmony with the spirit, peerless sign of life.

Pray that you be able to rejoice in the new reality that will make you new complete persons. I, your Mother, am with you. I suggest that you rediscover this harmony if you wish to resume walking in the Light. The body without the spirit is as dead. Resume the life that is waiting for you as true children of God.

In unity with my Son and with the Holy Spirit, I bless you in the body, so that you may recover the life of the soul.

Mary, Daughter and Mother

Jesus, Merciful

My daughter, repeat with me: Jesus, I trust in you – Jesus, I trust in you – Jesus, I trust in you.

Do you understand what I am about to ask you? You have arrived at a point from which you can go no further unless you are with me, trusting in my mercy. Or, you close off, with a life that will become each day more difficult and unbearable.

What could I suggest to you to make your heart of stone beat again? You are like automatons who have lost the road, but who have no intention of returning to walk in the light.

I continue to repeat to you that only with prayer will you succeed in giving meaning to your life. The means of communication fill your head with thousands of absurdities, but how you do not understand that the only thing that can help you is to run back to the infinite goodness of God, patient and merciful!

I tell you, you will no longer escape from this crisis if you do not decide to open your hearts, asking pardon for all your sins. If, dear children, I have said sins, then beat your chests, repenting bitterly, offering to your God fasting for all that draws you far from Him: sins of impurity, sins of the tongue, not keeping holy the feast day, pride in feeling like master of the world, immoderate power as cause of injustice.

How many of my children are dying of hunger in the world because they are throwing food in the garbage! You must render an account of hunger in the world and above all of that hunger, even more serious, that many souls suffer on the spiritual level.

I will demand an account of each evil act that you will have caused to every fellow person. Dear children, pray for these brethren who are starving my flock. I bless you. Remain united in the prayer that will illuminate these days of total darkness.

Repeat often the ejaculatory prayer that I have suggested to you.

Jesus, Merciful

Mary, the Woman Clothed with the Sun

Dear children, the woman clothed with the sun, crowned with twelve stars, is She who will crush the head of the ancient serpent and finally, all of her children who believe in the Word of my Son, will be the victors.

Do not worry about these times, full of confusion, but be armed always with my weapon and you will be seized with serenity and hope for the things that will come. Jesus is he who can do all things. If you know how to ask with trust, you will be enriched with every grace.

It is a time of suffering but remember that after the storm the rainbow shines in its brilliant colors. I love you, I am always with you, I am your Mother and I will instruct you everywhere, so that each of you may find the right way.

Fear not, no one can do you harm. Man can kill the body, but your soul, only Jesus can take it and put it in the place where you will only rejoice, forgetting all that belonged to the imperfection of the world.

You will rejoice, if with faith, you know how to live in spirituality and love. Remember, dear children, that that which you do not see now will become visible, crowning you with the beauty and goodness that belongs to the Only True and Holy Creator and Lord, God of the Universe.

My dear children, share with your brethren the good, worries, physical and spiritual pains, and make yourselves teachers and masters of the only truth that belongs to the Only True Trinitarian God.

I will bring you all with me. Persevere in doing good and you will be rewarded with eternal reward. Do not ever draw far from My presence. I am your certainty.

I bless you.

Mary, the Woman Clothed with the Sun

Jesus, Your Liberator

Peace to you, brethren, peace to you. If you are here it is certainly no accident. I have called you because I need each of you. I have called you by name and, solicitous, you have responded to me. My brethren, you will understand that all that is happening is the fruit of your sins. Not even in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah were such things exposed.

I need you greatly. Sin, up to now, overflows, and for this reason I urgently need your offerings, your sufferings, your fasting, your moments of adoration before my Pierced Heart.

To see such a massacre is mortifying, but how can your brothers not understand that they are playing with fire? The demons are stocking up on souls that are offering themselves, in particular, in black masses.

It is not possible to go further in this way. You see how the demon enjoys himself. He gives them all that they ask, but right away he asks a higher price, a thousand times a thousand, that is, he demands life.

Carnal desires, those for power, desires for corruption, these are the principal sins that lead to death. My most dear brethren, understand that to combat all of this, I need you. I cannot allow that so many souls be lost in the depths of hell.

Pray that they might open to me their hearts of stone, and I thus be able to fill them with my Spirit. Times are terrible, sin makes itself master of everything. I pray you, arm yourselves with the weapon that my Mother has given you, and combat with power he who holds open the place of pain in order to make there enter as many souls as possible.

If you would only see what torments his prisoners must undergo! We cannot allow the loss of so many children of God. I promise you a place in my Kingdom if you do that which I have just asked you.

I bless you in the Sign of my Cross.

Jesus, Your Liberator

Jesus, True Light of the World

My daughter, do not lament, I have willed that you experience blindness. You will see again, but all your brethren who are living in spiritual blindness, and who are not aware of it, perhaps will never see again.

Not by my will, you have sought to cure yourself and must not they, more so, go racing to seek the cure to recover their sight quickly?

I tell you that all my children are aware of not “seeing,” but they resist my calls back to love, since they choose their leisure, their pleasures, and do not care about asking for healing.

How many errors, how many “no’s” to my invitations, how many refusals by my most beloved children! I no longer know what to use to budge these hearts of stone. I am a God of love, but you are forcing me to use my justice.

Dear daughter, now that you have experienced blindness, will you bear witness to how it feels to remain in darkness? Your darkness is temporary, but the shadows for those who refuse my calls to return will be eternal. Dear children, I tell all of you present, bear witness, each with the gifts that have been given you, that far from the Light their will be no more life.

What do you want to see living in the shadows? Draw near to my priests, ask them forgiveness for your omissions, renounce satan and all his seductions, reacquire your sight through my absolution and you will have eternal light. Dear children, the Light is Life, shadow is death. The choice, once again, is yours.

I, the Light, love you so much and my light will allow you to shine like the most beautiful of the stars. Listen to me, look far, because with my light you will overcome every obstacle. I give you my light; carry it to the whole world.

Jesus, True Light of the World

Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity

I am He who Is! Who among you could claim differently?

My dearest children, my pierced heart is suffering for all humanity. You do not want to understand that only I am infinite goodness. You, living beings, can never, and I say never, move one comma from any act of my will.

However, for you, you will never succeed in your intentions to fulfill your own will. I want that your knees bend and every tongue turn to profess that Jesus, the Christ, is Lord.

If my Father is yet patient in sending fire upon the earth, it is because my Mother intercedes before Me and toward the Father. Punishments will come if humanity does not convert. Conversion means totally changing the meaning of one’s life.

If you continue with your acts of disobedience, you will draw down the anger of God. One cannot serve mammon and disobey God, He who is absolute Master of all things.

Do you want other signs? I tell you and I repeat to you that you have had the sign of Jonah, a word that has been repeated for around two thousand years, but only faith now can save you.

How many miracles, how many graces are you already receiving! Through merits? No, I tell you, only through the goodness of God. Most of you no longer believe in the Gospel. You turn to your gods, to your idols that satisfy your wants, your senses, but your life will become every day more empty of true meaning.

Make haste, dear children, to take up again the reins before everything comes crashing down. Yours has become a world of automatons. It seems that no one is capable anymore of listening to the beats of their own heart. Open up to me, my children. Without Me you are non-existent. What profit would it be to gain the world and then lose one’s life?

Meditate on my Word and have others meditate. Only in listening to my voice can you reach your Father forever. I bless you.

Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity

Jesus, the Christ of God

My brethren, I want your sanctification. Certainly one does not become a saint standing far from the commandments. If they have been given to you, it is so that you might have firm points in which to believe. The truth will set you free and the respect for the Ten Commandments will bring you to holiness.

I am the Lord your God, do not idolize the gods. The first of the commandments says: “Hear, Israel!” I repeat it to you today: Hear, my people, open your ears and your heart so as to let enter my perfect and truthful counsels.

I have given my life for all and for each. Do not disappoint me, I ask it for your good. Love me, if for no other reason, than as thanksgiving for my great gift of love.

I advise you to leave aside certain meaningless modernisms. Life is one, only one and comes under the shadow of my love that will never go out of style. That which was valid two thousand years ago is most in vigor even today.

There will remain nothing on this earth. The old things have passed, the modern things will soon become old and in the same exact way they will pass in a breath. How could I count a thousand years before eternity!

My brethren, begin to live truly. Let dreams pass, so that only my realities remain in eternity.

Let your life pass only in emulating my coming upon the earth. I have honored my father and my mother, I have kept holy the day of my Father, I have not killed, above all in the use of my tongue, I have lived in perfect chastity, I have not stolen, I have not persecuted. I have only borne witness to my Father and his Kingdom.

Brethren, do the same if you want to be holy. I will return. Seek to prepare yourselves by respecting and honoring the Decalogue.

Jesus, the Christ of God